Product Cataloguing

Category & Sub Category wise product listing.

Product listing with description and images.

Product reviews listing and ratings from customer.

Mobile Billing

Billing and Invoicing by Android Phone.

Accept Payment from mPOS device.

Payment and Bill print from all in one device, Android handheld POS.

Self Check-Out

No standing in queue while in-store purchase, scan the product and pay.

Self Check Out from store.

Customer Management

Customer Relationship Management.

Know Your Customer.

Real-time information about customer will improve the customer service and experience.

Fanatical Support

We have a team of software integration specialists as well as expert support team which helps client's of getting a seamless integration system.

Loyalty Management

It can be easily accessible in mobile platform, customer can order products from their local proximity shop. It is very ideal for shop sales people too to manage products, deliver orders and can know their customer in-hand.

An app, that can trusted by anyone

High level of security system rendered in the application to make sure all the important data, information etc. must be safe and secure. shoppurs combines people, process, integrates them with technology to manage resources efficiently leading to satisfied customers and all the other stakeholders.

With the availability of Geo location facility, shop location can be captured and customer can order and the shops can take orders and deliver proactively.

The perfect choice for your mobile app.

shoppurs is a cloud based sales & service management application which provides services with 99.9% uptime, staying connected with all the stakeholders and enabling better utilization of resources. It includes Integrated message broadcasting panel to send Emails, SMS to stakeholders.

shoppurs consists of shop self service portal from where they can upload their products. Multi-User licensee to shop sales people can get products update and can give in-store offers to customers. Customers can order products from home / office or can visit store for in-store purchase. Self billing and self check-out purchase can be done.


With this option you can change your app into smart view with custom quick actions, can change your theme, and choose a different Font-type and other entities in a blink of an eye. You can choose your own language and build your own templates to match your unique business need and style .

Sales planning and forecasting

Sales planning and forecasting are the most important and difficult task for any organization. We have tried to minimize these challenges by providing a features which forecasts your inventory and avoids unforeseen cash flow problems and manage your customers more effectively.


Backup & Restore lets you store a copy of your data on cloud. There is no need to worry if your system or device crashed or unexpected shutdown happens as you can start accessing the app again from other device by getting it authorized from the admin.

Tons Of Features

shoppurs is made up of many different features viz. store Management, Human Resource Management, Product Management, Customer Management, Offer Management, System Configuration Management, User Management and each of these features is specialized to handle specific business processes.

shoppurs Works Everywhere Your Team Works

A cloud-based software offers simple solution with self service portal for employees to
effectively manage the whole sale process with multiple geo location facility.

shoppurs, Shop Work Force & Customer Management Application

with the mobile application for real time collaboration

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